Welcome to the parish of St Wulstan and St Edmund, Fleetwood.

We are part of the Sacred Heart Deanery in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lancaster.
Our Priest is Canon Alf Hayes.
Recently we invited our young parishioners to draw, paint or model Father Alf.  We had so many wonderful pieces of art work and each one will take it's turn on this 'welcome' page of our website. 
This week's likeness was modelled in clay by Lily, aged 8, who has shown
Fr Alf in the vestments she very accurately copied from the online Mass video on the 2nd Sunday of Easter. 
Ann Jarrett (Guest) 10/05/2020 10:07
Very good I'm really impressed 10/10 x
Joe Morrissey (Guest) 06/07/2020 04:06
Dear Alf,
I'd recognise you from your photo. I was at Valladolid with you (but didn't make the finish line). I saw Peter Verity in Rome earlier this year. He's doing well.