MAY 2021

Saturday 8th Mass 9.30 am : People of the Parish
Sunday 9th Mass 10.00 am : Deceased McCaffrey Family Members
Also on Parish website at same time
Monday 10th No Mass  
Tuesday 11th Mass 6.00 pm : Sue Bamforth (A)
Wednesday 12th Mass 9.30 am : Clifford Scott (A)
Thursday 13th Mass 6.00 pm : People of the Parish
Friday 14th Mass 9.30 am : Jane Holden (A)
Saturday 15th Mass 9.30 am : Dorothy & Harry Lister's Intentions
Sunday 16th Mass 10.00 am : Margaret Walsh (LD)
Also on Parish website at same time
Monday 17th No Mass  
Tuesday 18th Mass 6.00 pm : Russell Kirk (LD)
Wednesday 19th Mass 9.30 am : Thanksgiving to St Anne (for safe confinement -SB)
Thursday 20th Mass 6.00 pm : Olive Bone (LD)
Friday 21st Mass 9.30 am : Anne Shirley Mahood (LD)
Saturday 22nd Mass 9.30 am : Bernadette & Tom Delaney (RIP)
Sunday 23rd Mass 10.00 am :People of the Parish
Also on Parish website at same time
Please contact us in advance and don’t just turn up for Mass without receiving
confirmation from the parish that there is sufficient space that day. 
Please use contact form on homepage, email or ring 077332278730
SUNDAY MASS MAY BE VIEWED ONLINE FROM 10am each Sunday morning. 
See link on home page. 
A - Anniversary, I - Ill, LD - Lately Dead, BA - Birthday Anniversary, B - Birthday,
WA - Wedding Anniversary