Monday 17th No Mass                                                           
Tuesday 18th 9.00am (St Edmund's) Private Intention (M.G.)
Wednesday 19th 12.00pm (St Wulstan's)
12.30pm (St Wulstan's)
Paul Buschini (A)
Holy Half Hour
Thursday 20th 6.30pm (St Wulstan's) Joan Whattery (RIP)
Friday 21st 10.00am (St Wulstan's)
NB change of time from newsletter
Funeral Mass - Margaret Clerkin
Saturday 22nd 9.00 (St Wulstan's)
9.30 (St Wulstan's)
6.00pm (St Edmund')
People f the Parish
Holy Half Hour
Bernadette & Tom Delaney (RIP)
Sunday 23rd 10.00am (St Wustan's) Fr Ed McCann (RIP)
A - Anniversary, I - Ill, LD - Lately Dead, BA - Birthday Anniversary, B - Birthday,
WA - Wedding Anniversary