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Easter is the major Feast in the Church’s calendar and the climax of Our Lord’s saving work on earth. It’s very sad that we can’t celebrate this wonderful day together in our churches, decked out in their finest livery and looking their best.
Nor can we celebrate the great Easter Vigil with the well-honed voices of the Saturday regulars of St Edmund’s, used to singing unaccompanied with great gusto, but always accompanied on this special night by Susan. We will also miss our wonderful choir at St Wulstan’s on Sunday, but, hopefully, we will still be able to celebrate with great joy in our hearts what the Lord has done for us.

It’s also a time for solidarity in prayer with our fellow Catholics throughout the world, for whom being deprived of the Mass is a regular occurrence, through persecution or lack of priests.
We are one huge family. Let’s pray for each other, and the whole world, for a swift end to the corona virus pandemic.
Our Lord has written the promise of the Resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.  (Martin Luther) 
Fr Alf

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Easter greetings to all the lovely parishioners at St Wulstan’s & St Edmund’s.
Special thanks to our Father Alf who keeps us close, united through Sunday Mass
and Maria whose skills make it possible. 
Claire Hewitson

(Claire has made this lovely Easter tree display in her home)


Happy Easter to everyone at St Wulstan's and St Edmund's from Brian and Judith. 

Judith says 'I have spent more time on our garden this year, so you can go from Fleetwood to the Far East and Italy in ten seconds!'

(Click here to see a short video of Judith's  beautiful garden)

God bless all families of St Wulstan's & St Edmund's at this very different Easter time.. Keep safe and take care. 
Ann Jarrett

Wishing all my friends at St Wulstan's a very happy, peaceful and healthy Easter.  Kath Roe 

Easter Blessings to all. Paul Byrne-Fraser

Spring is a remarkable season. Just when everyone looks lost, life reasserts itself. Crocuses light up the grass and daffodils trumpet their resurrection. Fixing Easter in the spring was no accident. Daffodils trumpet both resurrections!
We find encouragement from the crocuses. How much more, though, are we enlivened by the Lord’s resurrection?
Dear Jesus, let our Alleluias salute you!
Brian Wood

Easter Sunday, the magnificence of it! Death done to death, liberty from sin made possible, all prophesies fulfilled,
the Old Testament finally completed. John wins the race but defers to Peter who begins finally to understand what has happened.
The Lord has risen! Jesus lives, this time for ever.  
Dear Jesus, never let me tire of shouting loudly Alleluia! 
Brian Wood