We have received many responses and reflections following our online Masses and Services - we share some of them with you here ....

IMG 0086 - CopyVery many thanks for bringing the Mass into our homes.

We really enjoyed celebrating Mass today.

Celebrating Mass this morning was wonderful. Thank you. 

Thank you for enabling me to share in the Mass.  It is most appreciated. 

Just wanted to say thank you. It's so important to be able to have the Mass recordings. To be still able to have quiet time to reflect and respond during these difficult times. I'm sure it will be a great comfort to many parishioners. 

This morning's Mass was wonderful. Thank you.

Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you Fr Alf. The recordings will keep our parish family together. God bless you. 

It feels rather special to be able to have Mass in our own living room.
We appreciate all the time and effort you are giving us. God bless you. 

Thank you for Mass this morning.
We both enjoyed taking part in the weekly Mass with Father Alf .

Having Mass,  from our own church, that we can share in has been a real bonus. (House bound parishioner)

IMG 3462

It's lovely to take part in the Masses. Thanks to Father Alf for helping us through this difficult time, especially Holy Week. We really do appreciate it. 

Bidding prayers (written by J) were just beautiful and so appropriate for these extraordinary times we're going through. 

Thank you for all the hard work streaming the Mass and the lovey Mass tonight.  

Our sincere thanks for all that you are doing to enable us to experience Mass in our homes
during these difficult times. We also hear from others what an enormous difference it is making. 

Thank  you Fr Alf. God bless.  (S from Preston)

Thank you so much. It means a lot to be able to take part in our Mass. 

1st STATIONI was very moved by the Stations of the Cross this morning. 
It was wonderful to be able to reflect on the stations whilst seeing them so closely. I haven't noticed so many of  the details before. Than you. 

Amazing stations this morning, made even more poignant by being able to see closely. Heartfelt thanks. 

A very different Holy Week, but it's feeling very personal. 

Thank you once again. It is lovely for us all to be able to come together
in this virtual way. 

GOOD FRIDAYThank you for helping us to celebrate the Holy Week and Easter services. 

Thank you for the service today.It was  moving and uplifting. Good Friday is always a difficult day and this year I expected it to be so much worse, but Father Alf's service really helped. Thank you. 

A very special Good Friday

Thank you for the recording of the Easter Mass. 
It was lovely to be part of the Easter services during this difficult time.

Thank you Father Alf for keeping us in touch with the church during Easter. 

Thank you. You've helped me maintain some sort of normality this Easter. 

Thank you for bringing the parish family together. 

Mass this morning was so moving, so beautiful. I was overwhelmed. 

Thank you so much for today's Mass recording.  It was wonderful and the words for the Spiritual Communion were a very special touch.  The altar looked so beautiful. A truly intimate and joyful celebration of this very special day. 

A wonderful Mass today. Happy Easter!

It was wonderful to still have the Easter Services from our on parish despite the chaos going on around us. 

I was particularly moved by the Stations of the Cross which is usually a service I find to be a real penance.  The way each station was focused on while Father was giving his meditation made it, for me, particularly moving. 
Sunday's Mass, too. was beautiful and when the Spiritual Communion prayer was superimposed on the screen, I simply broke down and cried. 

Many thanks, Fr Alf, for a lovely Mass and a wonderful sermon....and thanks to Maria for making it possible for us
to 'take part' in the Easter services. 

Many thanks for the streamed Mass this morning. It was great to be able to watch it and to feel a part of it. Many thanks. (CH, Thornton)

Just wanted to say thanks for setting up the streaming of Masses. We were just casting you to our TV.
We were very impressed. I know my mum will really appreciate you finding a way to do this!  (Simon, Edinburgh)

Wonderful.  Thank you very much Father.  (Parishioner of Sacred Heart, Thornton)

Mass online is very much appreciated. 

Thank you so very much, a beautiful service, so full of joy and love.